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Mark Lobert is a renowned Australian artist who has received international praise for his unique art. His artwork is now being sold throughout the world. For Mark, everything is about sharing the joy of painting, and telling stories through colour and imagery.

“I’m an artist and I love what I do. I use every minute I can to express myself on canvas. Everything is an inspiration. I started to paint as a creative way to express myself, and it grew from there. My art is who I am, some works are simple, bright and bold. Others are complex, intricate and layered. I am all those things often at the same time.” - Mark.

The Adelaide Airport has run for 7 years exhibiting Mark’s art as an annual event.  The most recent exhibition “Freedom” was  inspired by its exhibition space of the Adelaide Airport.  Many of us experience “Freedom” when we begin a journey and enjoy the liberty of travel through the expedition that is our life. 

Through this exhibition Mark represents the wonders of life’s journeys and the sometimes simple, at other times complex, nature of our relationship with our own personal sense of “Freedom”. 

Mark works with clients, going to their homes and or businesses, painting their stories, matching colour and personalities, and creating beautiful environments. He also consults via the web and email to interstate and overseas clients.   

Finding inspiration is not difficult for Mark. That’s why he loves meeting new people and visiting – they trigger emotions, ideas seem to flow onto the canvas, and something wonderful is created. More and more people are ‘discovering’ Mark Lobert, and loving what he does.

The gallery on this site gives you a glimpse into his dynamic, wondrous world. We hope the works inspire you, and give you a chance to imagine how Mark could brighten your world.


2012    Watershed Art Prize  The Sanctuary by Mark Lobert
2012    Specialty Retailer Award   Mark Lobert Gallery, Messenger Awards
2011    Specialty Retailer Award   Mark Lobert Gallery, Messenger Awards
2010    Specialty Retailer Runner up  Mark Lobert Gallery, Messenger Awards
2012    Specialty Retailer Award    Mark Lobert Gallery, Messenger Awards
2009    Best Emerging Fringe Venue   Mark Lobert Gallery, Adelaide Fringe Festival



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Mark Lobert Gallery

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Gallery - 152 Port Road, Alberton, 5014

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