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Artists In Residence

Mark is proud to welcome the below "Artists in Residence".

Mark believes in supporting up and coming artists, and is excited to have them associated with his South Australian gallery.

Their works are also featured on site at Mark Lobert Gallery, 11 Murray Street Albert Park 5014.


Greer Tappert

Greer's artistic creations include paintings on canvas and board, for exhibitions, commissioned work and welcome boards, homes, illustrations (ink & watercolour) including limited editions, prints, cards and character creation, plus she has a unique quirky style of portraits too...!

To find out more about Greer, her website is



Kevin Golding

Kevin's inks, pastels, abstracts and watercolour paintings are uniquely South Australian. His work has been seen on canvas, paper, and glass. Kevin specialises in beach and coastal scenes, as well as beautiful florals.