SALA 2020

Freedom Exhibition: Mark Lobert Gallery. 152 Port Road, Alberton. Featuring the works of Mark Lobert, Kevin Golding, Allan Griffin and Jenny Wilmot.

Freedom! The dictionary states freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants. This is the essence of our exhibition for SALA 2020. Four unique artists collaborate to bring you an exclusive look into what freedom means to them.

Mark Lobert has long been a part of the Adelaide art scene and is known for his diverse creative practice. He can bring any environment to life, creating pieces that accentuate their surroundings. Mark’s practice is about sharing the joy of painting and telling stories through colour.

Kevin Golding is an established artist who specialises in beach and coastal scenes, as well as beautiful florals. Kevin's inks, pastels, abstracts and watercolour paintings are uniquely South Australian.

Jenny Wilmot is an emerging artist participating in her second SALA. She creates mandala-style artwork using dots. The labour in her work is evident in every piece and medium she uses. You can be lost for hours in one of her canvases, surveying the detail and discipline required to complete the work.

Allan Griffin is an Adelaide-based photographer whose work encompasses the beauty of traditional landscapes, the modernity of urban-scapes and the poignancy of abstract images. His photographs capture the spirit of people an place, telling stories that are often inexpressible through words.